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Our Team

This industrial design office is composed of a team of 8 people providing all the services of pre-project study, budgeting, technical analysis, calculations according to standards of structures, piping, silos, revamping study, upgrade, compliance, overall and detail studies, project supervision and many other things.

However, if you still have any doubts about our skills, please read more about our team.

An administrator

Our administrator is in charge of the management of our company and takes care of all the administration so that the rest of the team can concentrate on your projects. She also assists with the writing of reports and other technical documents, making her one of the key people in our team.

Administrative role

A project engineer and technical manager

Our project engineer has been working for more or less 20 years in the design office Euremi.
He was also site manager for an assembly and maintenance company during the previous year and worked for a year in maintenance at the CCB cement plant in Gaurain Ramecroix, Belgium.

Years of experience

A structural design engineer

Our steelwork calculator has been working for Euremi for 26 years after having been an independent calculator for 16 years. The calculations are carried out using our GRAITEC Advance Design and RFEM programs.

Years of experience

A project engineer and calculator

Our project engineer and calculator has worked for 10 years in various design offices.and in particular within the design office and industrial designer Euremi. The calculations are carried out using our GRAITEC Advance Design and RFEM programs.

Years of experience

A draughtsman with a focus on handling and piping

Our piping-oriented draughtsman has worked for 22 years in the Euremi design office, with a total of 44 years of experience.

Years of experience

A draughtsman specialising in carpentry and handling

Our structure and handling oriented designer has worked for 21 years in the design office and the industrial contractor Euremi during his 29 years of experience. In particular, he carries out projects using our 3D drawing software such as TEKLA Structure and Autocad 3D or Plant.

Years of experience

An industrial designer focused on structure and piping

Our structural and piping-oriented industrial designer will carry out your projects using our 2D Autocad drawing software, with the support of our entire team for specific projects.

Years of experience

A project engineer

Our project engineer is able to manage all the detailed studies of each realization. He will ensure a complete follow-up on the site of the project until its realization. He will also ensure the updating of the plant’s processes.

Year of experience