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Engineer concept
Engineer Concept

Are you looking for a multidisciplinary engineering office with many years of experience? We will be happy to respond to any request!

Nos réalisations
Our work

Pre-project study, budgeting, technical analysis, calculations according to standards in framework, piping, silo..., revamping study, upgrade, compliance, general and detailed studies, project supervision... discover our work!

vos projets
Make your projects reality

Listening to the customer, analysing needs, motivation, rigour, precision, attention to detail and perfectionism are the key words for a successful project. Our industrial design office is at your disposal.

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The company story

Founded by Marie-Line Degueldre, the wife of a passionate project engineer, our company’s origins lie in the expertise accumulated over more than twenty years at the heart of industry.

While Jean-Antoine worked in a design office in Ghislenghien, the company ceased operations in 2020. With substantial experience in the field, he and three of his colleagues decided to continue working together. ENGINEER CONCEPT was born, driven by an unwavering commitment to engineering and an absolute dedication to excellence.

Marie-Line, who until then had operated in a separate professional sphere, consciously accepted the role of administrator of the new entity.

Engineer Concept’s mission

Our team of industrial engineering experts includes draughtsmen, designers, engineers and calculators. Available throughout Europe, they are ready to meet any challenge. From preliminary studies to project supervision, we offer a full range of services, including technical analysis, standard-compliant calculations and much more.

To meet any demand, the office is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. As a result, the company is able to operate optimally in a wide range of fields.

Our skills

As a complete industrial design office, ENGINEER CONCEPT takes charge of the initial stages of your project. We carry out on-site surveys with 3D plant scans, pre-project studies, feasibility studies, as well as budgeting and meticulous project planning.

Our entire team is distinguished by its excellence in carrying out detailed and comprehensive studies for all types of project. Our area of expertise encompasses calculations for metal and timber structures, including monorail handling beams, in compliance with EUROCODE standards and national annexes. We are also skilled in silo dimensioning calculations.

As specialists in materials handling equipment, we can precisely define, dimension and calculate components. Our use of a 3D scanner also enables us to carry out complete scans of your installations and model structures in 3D using Autocad software.

Safety is an essential pillar of our corporate values, guiding our actions in this area. Certainly, our experts have been actively involved in safety projects. For example, the company has participated in the design and pre-dimensioning of fire protection systems, the installation of ventilation systems, the design of utility networks, etc.

To guarantee excellence in the execution of each project, we are committed to providing rigorous on-site monitoring, ensuring precise, proactive management at every stage. Furthermore, our involvement is not limited to the execution phase, but also extends to the identification and assessment of potential risks, where we bring our expertise to bear to secure your project. Finally, to complement our commitment to quality and safety, our team ensures that a complete and compliant construction file is drawn up, guaranteeing the reliability and conformity of your project at every stage.

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